Dubious Treat

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Happy 2018, friends and fellow Bloggers!  May you all be blessed with abundant good health, happiness, love, and wonder in the months to come; may your ways be easy and your burdens light.

I returned to work today after 11 (Eleven!) days off for the holidays, half of which we spent visiting my wife’s family in Louisiana, where I gorged myself on so much good Cajun food that I gained 5 pounds in 5 days.  Don’t let anybody tell you it can’t be done.  I stuffed my face with so much crawfish etouffee, gumbo, boudin, cracklins, and my sister-in-law’s excellent meatball stew that I can barely squeeze into the several new pairs of pants I got for Christmas!  Talk about fat and happy.

Of course, when I stumbled bleary-eyed and belching into my office this morning still suffering from indigestion-induced sleep deprivation, I was treated to piles of files and mounds upon mounds of arrest reports, mailed-in probationer reports, various official documents awaiting signatures, and, ohh, about 2 dozen urgent voicemails demanding my immediate attention.  None of which, unfortunately, bothered to clear itself off as I sat in court all morning and all of which, dammit, still squats precariously perched upon my desk awaiting my grudging attention.

But no one can say I don’t have my priorities straight, as I’ve clearly demonstrated by writing this post before I get down to business.  What?  Don’t tell me you haven’t done the same.  Or is it just me?  Really?

Take care, be well, and happy 2018ing!

7 thoughts on “Dubious Treat

  1. Happy New Year…. to you and your family! I know what you mean…So much food!!!! Glad to hear you had a good holiday! I’m originally from Texas. I’ve eaten my share of gumbo and etouffee …over the years. Welcome home! Enjoyed your post, today! 🙂

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