Returning To Work After 11 Days Off

via Daily Prompt: Allergic

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As I previously mentioned, I recently returned to work.  Even though I reported for duty on 1/3/18, I spent all of the past 2 days in court so did not get to tackle the accumulated work in my office ’til today.  When I arrived this morning, my intent was to not blog.  Turns out I may be allergic to not blogging.  After completing some work, I couldn’t resist logging on to WordPress, scrolling through my feed, liking a few posts, and making a few comments.  Then I forced myself to log out and do more work.  Then my nose started to itch, and I got a tickle in my throat.  I did a little bit more work, but my fingers began to twitch.  Still I bravely ignored the symptoms and struggled on.  Finally, I got enough done that I felt justified in taking a blog break and quickly pounded out the following short poem.


Although it was reflective of my mood upon arrival this morning, I’m feeling much better now.

Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!


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