Carving Up Healthcare

via Daily Prompt: Carve


I’m sharing this story because many of my friends are members of the criminal justice community so have a keen interest in this issue, as do several of my followers who blog about their struggles with mental illness.

Substance abuse and mental illness are major drivers of crime in America.  We have never had sufficient access to affordable, effective treatment for either condition, so we have struggled to provide much-needed help to the people who need it the most.

Now, in its ongoing crusade to carve our government into nonexistence, the Trump administration has taken steps to make it even more difficult for sufferers to find and obtain effective & affordable treatment and is pursuing additional changes that will make it even harder still. I just thought y’all should know.  You can read the full Washington Post story here.  I am outraged, disgusted, and feeling rather powerless.  At least I have a voice, albeit a small one, here.

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