via Daily Prompt: Blink

Word count = 187 / Reading time = 45 seconds

Grrr…  I wrote a silly poem in response to today’s Daily Post “Blink“, but I cannot figure out how to format WordPress properly to preserve its form.  If any of you know how to do that, please let me know how, so I don’t have to keep posting pictures of my poems.

Rethink 4

You see what I did there?  Did anyone catch the two words in the final stanza that end in -ink in the present tense?  Or did you miss it ’til you read the previous sentence?



25 thoughts on “Rethink

  1. Re your poem Rethink, an English teacher once said to me: “A very opaque smokescreen.” If cleverness and lots of alliteration are your poetic goals, you certainly achieved them in this poem! I haven’t read your other work to see if more of you is revealed within, but if you’re willing, I’d like to follow your blog. I’ll just casually mention that my blog today happens to include a poem about blinking. Less alliteration, I admit!

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  2. I think this is a clever way to respond to the daily prompt! I like the speaker’s conversational tone (the I don’t know and maybe). When I took a class on writing poetry, my professor suggested that it’s interesting to rhyme different parts of speech, which ya did. 🙂 I think maybe you could play a little more with enjambment.

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