Just Another Day In Court: A Reblog

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As I sit up here at the Judge’s side, the court room gallery is encrusted with a steady parade of defendants and chronic offenders.  I often have lengthy stretches of time to scroll my blogroll or read the latest issues of The Atlantic and Harper’s magazines between furious flurries of performing my various job functions.

Today, one of my favorite Bloggers, the ridiculously creative, incredibly talented, and delightfully prolific Judy Dykstra Brown, blogging at lifelessons, posted a poem about the kinds of people I encounter daily in my job as a probation officer.  I couldn’t resist the urge to reblog it.  Judy asked that I post a few stanzas then provide a link to her blog.  I told her I’ll try not to botch it.

Before I present her poem “Science and Politics at the Redneck Bar”, though, my plug:  lifelessons is a diverse and varied blog.  Judy often posts several times daily, and her posts range from pictures of her own incredible art projects, her lovely photographs, her original poetry, and thoughtful essays about her interesting life.  Please, do yourselves a favor and pay her a visit!

Science and Politics at the Redneck Bar

It’s easier to talk than think,
especially when you’ve had a drink
or two or three or six or seven.
That’s when you’re sure you’re going to heaven.

And anyone more liberal
is surely going to go to hell
along with those who worship God
with rituals that you find odd.

And even worse is all of those
in turbans, robes or hippie clothes
who don’t believe in God at all.
They’re destined for the biggest fall.

Continue reading here.

Really, y’all, check her out.  You won’t be disappointed!

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