ReBlog Duet Cut & Paste Extravaganza! (Pt. 3)

Word count = 394 / Reading time = 1 minute, 20 seconds unless you visit one or more of the linked blogs as well.

It’s rare that I post more than once on a given day.  In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve done so.  I think.  So please forgive me if I’ve intruded too much on your limited time today.

On February 28th, I wrote & posted my first piece of flash fiction, “Sick Day”.  Several Bloggers asked me for a sequel, but instead of writing one myself, I challenged them to write their own and promised I would reblog them.  My only rule was that the story had to be 200 words or less.  They were free to take it in any direction they wanted to go.

Today, my friend Sophia from Sophia Ismaa Writes posted her follow-up to “Sick Day”, the third Blogger to do so.  The first Blogger, Em, took the story in a different direction than I would have; then, Viola Bleu posted a follow-up to Em’s version.  Sophia’s sequel, reblogged below, rather than further developing Em’s & Viola Bleu’s storyline, picked up where mine left off and is more in line with what I would’ve written.  All of them are great, and I am grateful to all three Bloggers for collaborating with me.

Sophia included my original “Sick Day” in her post, but if you haven’t yet read it and want to before you start reading her sequel, click here.  After you read Sophia’s story, if you’d like, you can read Em’s story followed by Viola Bleu’s.

Without further ado, I give you the fabulous Sophia Ismaa!

“Sick Day” Sequel

After a good five minutes of attempting to regulate my breathing, my shock and fears gradually subsided, and a sense of calm took over.

For as long as I had lived and remembered, my entire life had consisted of routine, tradition and sticking to the familiar. I had not played risks with my career, love and health. I was the epitome of the law-abiding citizen.

To read the rest, click here, and please spend a few minutes browsing Sophia’s lovely blog when you’re finished reading.  Sophia issued her own challenge at the end of her post, so feel free to jump in with your own offering.  If you do, please let me know, so I can see what else develops.

Y’all have a great rest of the day, and I’ll try not to bother you from here on out.

9 thoughts on “ReBlog Duet Cut & Paste Extravaganza! (Pt. 3)

      1. Okay, I did it. I copied your story, added my sequel, and included a link to your blog. Hope I did everything correctly. This was fun!

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