This One’s for the Women

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I hope y’all can forgive the unfancyness & insophistication of my poorly composed photo and see through to the deeply heartfelt sentiment underlying it.  It was the best I could do without ripping off someone else’s better looking image, and I wanted to express my own thoughts instead of sharing someone else’s no matter how much prettier it may be.

I know this will come as small comfort to those of you who have endured or are enduring any form of abuse or oppression at the hands of a man or men, but I want you to know that, in my job as a probation officer, I take an uncompromising stance against men who abuse or mistreat women in any way.  I use every means at my disposal not only to punish an abusive man but even more importantly to educate him and try to make him change his way of thinking about and treating women.

I am fortunate to have always had a large number of strong, supportive women enriching my life.  Since I began blogging in 2016, I have been repeatedly amazed by the writing, art, and thoughts shared by the women of WordPress.  I am often humbled by your talent and consider myself lucky to hear what you have to say.

So all you Women, ALL of you, stay strong, stay proud, and stay YOU!  Celebrate yourselves today and every day.

Take care, be well, and happy blogging!



16 thoughts on “This One’s for the Women

  1. Well said Denny.

    I supported feminism even before I knew what it was. When I was in fifth grade the elementary school I attended was seeking a playground aide. I came home, and I told my mother about it because I thought why could she not work if she wanted to. Granted, at the time (1970) this was still one of the acceptable occupations (education) that were open to women without much question. Still, she accepted and went on to become a fulltime Title IX teacher’s aide, working with ESOL students.

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  2. You’re doing a great job. It’s not a small comfort at all knowing that there are people in law enforcement who genuinely act in the interests of gender equality and prevent the abuse of women… truthfully, it’s not always the case. I remember once there was an issue of violence against a woman in our neighbourhood and there was a stark difference in the management of the case by the two officers, one who was Caucasian and the other Bengali. The male Bengali officer treated the female with a subtle contempt whereas the other officer actually gave the woman help regarding domestic violence and who she could contact. I’m a Bengali myself and Bengali men, often, have been conditioned to be misogynistic and it’s terrifying to know that they exist in important workplaces. So I’m glad that you are not one of them.

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    1. Thank you, Rachel, but I’m just a guy. Some days I’m good, some days I’m bad, just like every other person who ever has lived and ever will! I’m sorry you’ve had to endure so much maltreatment at the hands of some of my more boorish brethren.

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