ReBlog Duet Cut & Paste Extravaganza! (Pt. 4)

via Daily Prompt: Wonder

Word count = 274 / Reading time = less than 1 minute plus whatever time you spend at the linked blog.

On February 28th, I created a monster.  That’s right.  A beautiful, intriguing, mysterious, complex monster.  And it’s still growing.

My friend S.M. Hart from Curious Hart is the 4th Blogger to write a sequel to my flash fiction story “Sick Day“.  I’ve already posted about the process and shared the sequels of three other Bloggers, which you can read here if you haven’t already.  So as not to bore those of you who have been following this particular thread, I’m keeping this post short.

I wonder which of you awesome storytellers out there will accept my challenge to write the next version of a sequel or the next chapter of one of the sequels already posted?  You can take the story in any direction you want to.  Just remember to keep it at 200 words or less.  In exchange for your participation, I’ll reblog your story!

The first few lines of Hart’s sequel appear below.  Her original post contains my story.  If you want to read my story first, you can click the linked title above.  But it won’t hurt you just to read the first few lines below then hop on over to Curious Hart.


Into the Woods

In my rearview mirror, I watched the arm crash to the ground. Silence. Then I heard a faint whimpering sound.

Oh, no, I thought, that giant arm has landed on someone. I have to check it out.

You can read the beginning of the story and finish reading Hart’s sequel Into the Woods.  Please take some time to explore her fascinating blog, especially posts in which she shares excerpts of her novel The Book of Rhino.

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