ReBlog Duet Cut & Paste Extravaganza! (Pt. 5)

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Word count = 311 / Reading time = 1 minute, 5 seconds plus however much time you spend visiting the linked blog(s).

On February 28th, I posted my first-ever piece of flash fiction and, after receiving requests from other Bloggers for a sequel, I invited them to write their own sequels instead and promised to reblog them if they did so.

This little project has made a bigger splash and much more noise than I ever imagined it would.  A fifth Blogger, CJ, who blogs at SeeJay Stark, has added his sequel to my original story, “Sick Day“, which I recommend you read first if you haven’t already.  I also encourage you to read parts 1 – 4 of “ReBlog Duet Cut & Paste Extravaganza!) to see the fruits of several of our fellow Bloggers’ creative genius after you finish visiting CJ’s blog.

The first few lines of CJ’s sequel are below, followed by a link to his post.  CJ’s brim-full brain is buzzing with story ideas, and his diverse blog is full of great content.  Do yourself a favor and spend some time seeing what he has to say.

Oh, and hey, I almost forgot: feel free to jump in here and add your own sequel to my original story or even as a follow-up to one of the previously-offered sequels.  Just remember to keep it at 200 words or less, please, and I’ll reblog your story.

I may wrap this project up soon for fear of jumping the shark; I certainly won’t extend it beyon 10 parts, if it even hits that mark, and the 10th will be me wrapping it up.  So if you’re thinking of contributing, there are 4 attempts left, now’s your big chance!

“Sick Day (my addition)”

Was that a fever dream? I must be sick, or drugged, or both. The boss said all was well so I turned the car back on and continued through the tunnel with the intention of making a U-Turn.  Continue reading…



9 thoughts on “ReBlog Duet Cut & Paste Extravaganza! (Pt. 5)

  1. I have a comment — actually a critique. Beginning each post with the number of words in the post and the time it takes to read it comes across to me like an advertisement saying, “This isn’t worth reading but it won’t take you long.” The most important thing you have to say (so far as I’ve read your posts) is never “x number of words, 3 minute read”. I think you sell yourself short. Maybe put that at the end?

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    1. I never thought about it that way, Martha, thank you for pointing that out. I’ll consider your suggestion.

      I do that because I assume that many Bloggers have the same problem I do. I have a limited amount of time each day to spend looking at other blogs, so I tend to linger on the ones that are shorter. If I start reading a long post and it doesn’t catch my attention quickly, I move on.

      I like people to know up front how much time they have to spend looking at my writing, which I don’t assume is worth reading and don’t assume that others will think it is. Although I very much enjoy the affirmation I get from ‘likes’ and comments, I blog for me and will continue doing so as long as I enjoy it and have time. But I don’t ever want to assume there are people out there just dying to read what I have to say, so I let them know up front what they’re getting into.

      But I’ll try moving that to the end for a while and see how it works!


      1. I think it’s an audience awareness question.

        And no, people are not dying to read what any of us say, but growth as a writer is partly awakening to the idea that we might have something to say that others want or even (sometimes) need. I’m often surprised when something I write that I think is totally self-indulgent ends up striking a chord with a lot of people. Who knows?

        And, if you publish a blog post, you’re no longer blogging for yourself 😉

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  2. An idea: Considering this got much traction, it might be cool to start a 200 or 100 word flash fiction collaboration project to create a short story. Every blogger will pile on and continue the story from where the last writer left off. There could be a limit, for example, 2500 words and then all the participants will publish the entire story on their respective blogs. Thoughts?

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    1. I’m game. I like the 200 word limit ’cause I don’t think I could write anything shorter than that and it be any good.

      I’m about out of blogging time for now but let’s have an email conversation about figuring out how to make it work.

      When are you going out of town, and where are you headed?


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