Owed to Mundanity

Bring it on, Monday, hit me with your best shot!  I am ready for you:


Y’all like my Monday face?

I had hoped to astonish you today with a brilliant poem, a glittering monument to my stunning skill and my felicitous facility with words, but this is all I came up with.  I know you’ll love it anyway because y’all’re so awesome like that.

Did anyone catch the wordplay of this post’s title?  First one to call it in the comments wins the prize, and if you can explicate exactly how and why it’s wordplay (i.e., read my mind), you win double goodies!


Monday, please be kind to me.
Fly quickly as this year.
I can’t believe tomorrow’s May,
and summer’s drawing near.

NaPoWriMo far too soon
has reached its hasty end,
left me feeling rather blue
of poems I’ve written only two.

One of which is this poor rhyme,
mundane as it can be.
I beg the Muse in coming months:
rain down artful creativity.

via Daily Prompt: Astonish

43 thoughts on “Owed to Mundanity

    1. Yes, my 7-year old son & I went for haircuts Saturday. He has curly hair like me, and it had grown quite long. He was finally brave enough to let the barber use electric clippers and trimmers because he was “ready not to have fluffy hair for a while”. He was so pleased with the results that the rest of the weekend, every stranger we encountered out in public who would suffer his enthusiasm was regaled with his haircut story!


      1. Awe, that’s so sweet! What a delight they are at that age. Their world is fresher, smaller, filled with such delight. They find happiness in such unexpected places, and so willingly share. I remember those days as though it were yesterday. (cough cough) plus 30 years or so as my youngest grandchild is 8, 10, 15(16 soon) 16 (17 this month) ah, the memories Thank you for sharing. I love this! It warms my heart indeed :):)

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    1. No, but that’s just as good an explanation, Steven. No, it’s just a silly pun on ‘ode’, a poetic form. So a poet might write a poem titled, for example, “Ode to Sadness”, which would be a celebration of sadness of sorts. Rather than writing an ode TO mundanity, I’m saying this poem was inspired by (owed to) mundanity. If I could afford a space vacation, I can think of much more practical things to spend the money on!


  1. I really like the photo – good face! I’ve been doing Sudoku to sharpen the brain and so I un-punned your title 2, 3 hours. Maybe 4. Actually I slept on it and woke up with the true title flashing before me. Well that’s what our poetry teacher says to do if you’re stuck. The “prompt” this week: “What I took to be…” and today, Tuesday, by 12:30 pm I must have it ready! Wait … I think I’ve got an idea! Off to write.

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  2. Phooey. I just needed to read your reply more carefully … Yes, I did get your response. I’m so glad you reacted as you did …but not surprised. You clearly have a generous nature and a lot of, for lack of a nicer word, intelligence! It’s a good combo when it comes to hearing critiques of one’s work.

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  3. Denny,
    If poetry for you is a way of giving a little pleasure to self and others, i.e. the “craft” itself is not your primary focus, then suggestions are really not important. I think that’s true for 90% of the poems I see on people’s blogs. Unfortunately, I take the craft seriously now – I didn’t always at all – and it’s hard for me to turn that off. But I don’t plan to critique anyone else’s poems going forward because it just doesn’t feel good to me. So no defense is needed…you are the editor-in-chief and may do with words whatever gives you pleasure to do! And more power to you!

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