Gratuitous Pseudopun

via Daily Prompt: Sleeve

From the farthest corners of the globe, I hear the chorus of groans already, but I can’t help myself.  I beg y’all’s indulgence.  My quirky self demands momentary release.  This is crass and completely unnecessary, but since I’ve already posted a more serious response to today’s prompt, I feel liberated to indulge in some cheesy wordplay.  And my first-ever attempt at a six-word story.  I’m sorry, y’all, please forgive me:

“I hate this place!”

“Let’s leave!”

I know, I know, that was wholly unnecessary.  Can you agree not to think less of me if I promise to keep such silliness in check?



14 thoughts on “Gratuitous Pseudopun

    1. Ahh ha ha ha ha ha haaaahh! You wouldn’t believe how often such silliness flits through my mind. My kids love it, love being able to laugh at the ridiculousness of it. But I figure I owe it to our community here to give my posts as much pith as possible and to give my mirth, when deployed, more depth. Just couldn’t help myself today, though! Thank you, Martha!


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