Updated “About” Page

via About Denny

Hey y’all!  I updated my “About” page in response to the Daily Post prompt “Laughter“.  If you’ve had enough interest in me to read it before and don’t want to slog through the whole thing again, the new addition is the penultimate paragraph.

I have suffered this week from the dual demons of lack of time to post and lack of inspiration.  I hope to waylay those two tomorrow or Friday long enough to throw something interesting up here.  I’ve been missing y’all this week and hope you’re all doing well.



9 thoughts on “Updated “About” Page

  1. Hello Denny, I enjoyed reading your “About page”. Apparently I got to know more about you and I see that you have been to numerous places that’s awesome. Also I always love the way you talk about your family in such a compassionate way, I once saw the pic of ‘the Boy’ and ‘the Girl’ you posted. ☺️. And thik skin huh 😁😁 good👍👍

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