The Immortals

Except for a few brief periods in my life, I have never been much of a rebel, and even then it was mundane rebellion, the same kind, I reckon, that most American teens & 20-somethings go through on their way to real adulthood.

Of course, in my line of work, I deal with rebels every day, folks who have little to no respect for the law or the authorities.  I am grateful for them.  They’re job security for me.

Now I’m going to rebel against the demands of my job for a few minutes to share this poem with y’all.  This is one of my old poems, written long before my poetry writing style was irrevocably altered following exposure to the work of the awesome Billy Collins, American poet extraordinaire.  It’s the first of two, and one of its themes is rebellion.  I’ll share the second tomorrow if y’all like this one.  Hell, you know me, I’ll share it whether you like this one or not!  The language isn’t very poetic in either one, but I think the concept is.

I hope y’all enjoy.  Regardless, please let me know what you think.  Or, if we haven’t exchanged comments in a few days, just drop me a line to let me know how you’re doing.  I’ve been missing y’all.

The Immortals

We walk among you, as we have since the
dawn of history.  Exactly like you in appearance,
intellect, strength; our memory as long as
our lifespan, everlasting.

Despite what you saw in movies, we are not
lonely.  Not needing others, a solitary race.
We don’t wander the planet looking to lop
off each other’s heads, don’t drink blood to
live.  Although we cannot reproduce, neither
can we die.  We do not envy your
brief lives, do not pity either.

For centuries we were abusive.  Drunk on
knowledge, indestructibility, we ruled you as
gods, emperors, kings.  You learned to do it better,
greedier, more murderously.  Recognizing our
responsibility, we became priests, counselors,
healers, philosophers, working behind the scenes.

For millennia, we have striven to guide you.
Always you have been resistant.  Ravenous,
you are the cancer that will eat the Earth.

Unlike the various malignancies that plague
you, there is only one cure.  You will discover
it in due time, and it will be your death.

via Daily Prompt: Rebel

16 thoughts on “The Immortals

  1. This is interesting, in hat it reminds me that we are destroying the earth and one way to stop it is for mankind to disappear. It is also scary, but with a profound message that we needed to think about seriously. Hope you enjoyed the concert and that it lived up to your expectations and your daughter’s expectations.

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      1. I prefer to wait and see; although, in all likelihood I will be dead. I am not as pessimistic or as cynical as I used to be. The only exception is with religion. Hear I highly doubt it can solve humanities complex problems, and that there are better ways of solving personal problems.

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