3-Day Photo Challenge

I don’t take many selfies, don’t often take photos of my routine daily activities, and rarely try to document the day-to-day of my mundane life.  So when my friend Victoria tagged me last Friday with the 3-Day Photo Challenge, I was momentarily flummoxed about how to respond.  But then my little pea-brain started churning, and a primitive plan began to take shape.  I warn you in advance its fruition produced far more photos than y’all probably care to see of me & mine, but once I got rolling, I was having too much fun to quit.  There were 63 photos to begin with, but I managed to pare them down to a lean, mean 40.  Enjoy!

I had to leave work a little early Friday to pick up my new specs & Rx sunglasses so availed myself of the opportunity to join The Girl at my parents’ pool.  We played beach ball





‘Til the beach ball burst!


Saturday would prove to be a sweltering Southern day, so I got an early start on the yard work.  I mowed my lawn as well as my disabled, elderly neighbor’s,



taking care to stay well-hydrated


as the temperature soared to 90 degrees and got hung up there by the oppressive humidity. I spotted this lovely Tennessee Volunteer


growing alongside the neighbor’s house.  For those of you who don’t know, that’s where the University of Tennessee Volunteers get their bright orange color.  Go Big Orange!

Before moving on to my parents’ house to do some work for them, I relaxed for a bit and cooled off with a frosty, crisp, Samuel Adams Golden Ale


and enjoyed the verdant view from my back deck.



Then The Boy and I drove to Mom & Dad’s house and spent a couple of hours trimming some of the hedges around the pool



before joining The Girl and The Nephew for a well–deserved dip.



While the kids romped,





I recuperated and recharged with a Blue Moon Pacific Apricot Wheat Ale.


Sunday started with a treat.  Super Aunt took us to one of East Nashville’s most popular restaurants, The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden, which bills itself as “Nashville’s Wurst-Burger Joint”.  In a rapidly growing foodie city in one of Nashville’s hippest districts, it stands out and is well worth waiting in line for, which we surely did:



I enjoyed a Schneider Original Weisse 20-ounce draft and a bottle of Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Ale


and learned that I don’t much care for the Falafel Burger.


Super Aunt and The Boy enjoyed walking though the Beer Garden


while I took a photo of the friendly bartender at his post.


The Boy made some new friends, something for which the loquacious little charmer has quite a knack,


while the rest of us finished our food before returning home for more (ugh!) work.  I endured my weekly chore of cleaning my bathroom as well as The Boss’s.


That’s right, I clean the bathrooms in my boxers.  Don’t judge me!  When I was younger and much more pleasing to look at, I hit upon the fabulous idea of starting my own nude cleaning business.  The Boss shot that one down real quick!

Once the work was finally done, we returned to Mom & Dad’s house, where I grilled burgers & dogs for everyone.





Although I failed to take any photos of the event, I finished the day by taking my visiting nephew on a brisk hike along part of Nashville’s beautiful Greenway.  We hiked 4.25 miles in an hour and 15 minutes, after which I was pretty well worn out.

Happy Monday, y’all,






via:  M is for Magic, W is for Writing Blogger Challenge

via:  Ragtag Daily Prompt RDP#4 – Flummoxed

via:  FOWC – June 4 – Primitive

37 thoughts on “3-Day Photo Challenge

      1. Soon 🙂 I think it will work for me perfectly. I prefer comment on posts Im following right now, bcz I can choose-where to like, where comment, and if I don’t have time – I don’t comment at all. When I’m getting comments on my posts – it’s double work for me (right now), bcz it’s summer, not so much free time 😂 or maybe I just want my summer time become more freeee

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  1. That was fun! Back in the day I was also inspired to scrub floors in a nearly buff state because the job (hands, knees, dirty water, etc.) is just so messy. Then a shower. I really thought I was the only person in the history of the world to have an idea like that. I’m happy — and a little scared — that I am not the only one. These days God has invented Swiffer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s no more special than anyone else’s, Em, and is certainly far more boring than most, but it’s good enough for me and far better than I deserve. I was also thrilled to see your recent photo blog, I love the one of you “running to nowhere”!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can tell you that you are leading a more exciting life than mine for sure! I have been in a pit of anxiety lately, but posts like yours inspire me to dust it off and start experiencing more, so thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL – a DELIGHTful read and so much crammed into a weekend! Including BEER! WooHoo, Denny congrats on putting every dad to the “knows-how-to-have-fun-and-work-hard-dad!”

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  3. You are too gorgeous, Denny. We put the snags on the barbie here. None of this shrimp business, which you may have heard of before. Great post.

    And thank you for participating in the Ragtag Daily Prompt. You are our second man to make a contribution, the other being Bob. I like a bit of diversity.

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    1. Thank you so much, Beautiful Mind, but I can’t pretend to enough intelligence to understand what you mean. I’m too tired and far too inebriated to be able to respond to your comments in an understandable manner. Wish me luck in the coming days…

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  4. Looks like you had a great time at Mom and Dad’s house … very impressed you clean and cook and parent and write and work!!
    In the UK here we are in our 10th week of drought .. people are comparing it to the summer of ’76. Hose pipe bans have been implemented this week. Combines are cutting tinder dry crops with the ever-present risk that a spark to send the lot up.
    Take care!

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