4 Octobers and a November

My friend Soph at sophiaismaa hit me with this intriguing Trip Down Memory Lane Through Pictures tag a few days back, so I took the opportunity to reminisce a bit. Please check out Soph’s site.  She is amazing, talented, intelligent, and bold.  Thank you for thinking of me, Soph!

As usual, I had to ponder on it for a while before I could settle on a theme.  Once I started looking through some old pics, it didn’t take long to for one to emerge.  I’m a sentimental sap easily moved to tears by thoughts of my kids and how tragically rapidly they’re growing, so this was a 4-tissue affair for me.

In honor of the season, here are The Girl and The Boy in autumns past.

One bright, early November day in 2010, I noticed the kids horsing around and generally being cute in The Girl’s Elmo chair.  She was about to turn 5, he was only 8 months old.

Nov 11 2010

Fast-forward to October 2012.  We enjoyed a Fall Festival at a local church and had some fun on their playground.


Admire their adorable exuberance:


And a few short weeks later, it was time to trick-or-treat.  She was almost 7, and he was just over 2 & 1/2.

Halloween 3

Soakin’ up some Mamaw love:

Halloween 4

On to Hallowe’en 2013.  We took the kids to a local historic mansion for a community party.




Just look at those smiles.  Lovely!

And since I’m approaching the tag’s limit of 10 pics, I’ll wrap up with Hallowe’en 2014.  We took the kids to the Tennessee State Museum for their Hallowe’en party.  The Girl was almost 9, and The Boy was approaching 4.



And just because I can never completely follow the rules, here’s a bonus pic of Hallowe’en 2018, from Boo at the Zoo.  She’s about to turn 13 (!), and he’s getting close to 8.


Happy Hallowe’en, y’all!





17 thoughts on “4 Octobers and a November

      1. ❤ As I recall, that's an amazing and wonderful time in a girl's life. Pre-boys (for the most part) and a liberated and working mind and imagination. The year I was 13 was one of the happiest of my whole life. That Athena costume says EVERYTHING.

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  1. Lovely family, Denny! Time flies really fast, isn’t it? Yesterday, my daughter stumbled upon their photos from Halloween when they were young. It made me suddenly nostalgic. Seeing your photos brought happy memories too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love, love, love how The Boy was completely unbothered about taking a picture in the first half of the photos and gradually becomes just as happy as The Girl to take a picture. And they look so much alike in the penultimate picture even down to their hair. So adorable. ☺️

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  3. Love the photos – so fun to look back at how much kiddos grow over the years. Pulled at my heart a bit missing the kids in my empty nest. Thanks for sharing all the fun smiles! Your kids are adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

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