Reasons to Vote: a Reblog


My friend & fellow Tennessean Tony Burgess reblogged Angie Harmon’s excellent post today.  Tony lives in East Tennessee, which has long been a reliably Republican outpost, so it gave me hope to read this post, so much hope that I feel compelled to pass along the good word.  Please visit Tony’s awesome blog to see what else he has to say.

22 thoughts on “Reasons to Vote: a Reblog

  1. White is not synonymous with evil. When we blame a “color” its racist and wrong regardless the color period. Reverse racism is still racism and will in any and every circumstance be wrong. Civil rights and all the strides made and every success was accomplished only when we took Anderson stood hand in hand

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    1. I agree. I am not blaming all whites, and I never said anyone was evil, but what else can I call the old white men who are in control? They are, in fact, old, white, men. I myself am a middle-aged white man, and I am not afraid to call out my own kind when I think they’re wrong.


      1. 😊 There is just so much of that and I fear it’s the rhetoric itself, being piped into us through every mass media source that is, in fact, the sowing of seeds in the minds of the people. What it does in its influence is cause discord and division…a segregating device. It’s fruition is a divided people who are easier to control.
        Bad or wrong men ( or simply out of date and step with currant times) are just that, bad or wrong men period, as these things are not related to any color.
        The test to see if we have drank the purple cool aid would be to roll it off the tongue in the reverse…. would it sound right if I said ” vote as if you weren’t black”? It doesn’t feel right to me. It feels as though I’ve spoken an indictment against a specific group entirely.
        I think that if we truly are against racism, it must contain unilaterally, respect for all where the measure of a man ( or woman) is measured by their individual actions and character and leave color out of it completely. Color of skin simply is not a factor in well….anything. we are in fact, all merely human.

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    1. Don’t I know it, especially after having children! I’m feeling much better today even though things didn’t go as well as I would’ve liked. I’m especially disappointed that the candidate I backed for US Senate lost to someone I consider corrupt and dangerous.


      1. With the house in secured hands (read Democratic) hopefully they can stop any further damage, except a possible Supreme Court nomination. I consider all Republicans dangerous by the way they vote. I do not think it will be possible to reverse much that Trump bullied through the Congress, though

        After my congresswoman sign Gingerich’s contract with America, I have voted strictly Democratic, and do not envision a change in this behavior. This included not voting for the incumbent Republic, even though his for for years was not too bad.

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