A Poem, Some Pics #3

Saturday morning, December 1st, I was, as I too often am of late, struck melancholy by the realization that the year is almost gone.  Rather than cry myself into a puddle of useless, quivering jelly, I jotted down a haiku to honor the occasion.

Time Flies

How fast does time fly?
If I’m the fleeing sparrow,
time’s the diving hawk.

Then, I spent as much of the weekend as I could enjoying the company of loved ones and concluded the weekend by decorating with my own little family.


With a little help from The Girl and The Boy, I strung the lights while The Boss supervised.


Then these three hung the ornaments.  You’ll notice the windows are up.  The sun shone all day, and the temperature hit 70 degrees in Middle Tennessee yesterday.  Perfect weather for picking up leaves and decorating together.


Note our cool sunflower, Mr. Jingles, chillin’ next to the family of gnomes.  What gnomes, you ask?


These l’il fellas were so impressed by our seasonal artistic efforts that they insisted on taking up temporary residence.


The Girl, chewing:  “Can you see my Laffy Taffy?  Wait, this isn’t going on your blog, is it?”  Oh, yes, Sweetie, it most certainly is!


My Heart, my Loves, my reasons for being!


And one of me, too, just for the heck of it.


My oh my, isn’t it lovely?

Do y’all do much decorating at Christmastime?  Do you put up indoor lights, outdoor lights, or both?  Since the blogosphere is so wonderfully diverse, I have to ask: If you don’t identify as a Christian, do you celebrate Christmas in any way?  If so, what gives the season meaning for you, or do you only participate out of a sense of cultural pressure or consumerist zeal?


26 thoughts on “A Poem, Some Pics #3

  1. I put candles in the front windows, battery operated, not exactly because I believe in Jesus as a savior (I don’t), but because I can imagine hope walking down my dark street, under the bright Milky Way, seeing the candles and saying, “I wonder if she has any cocoa?” and hoping I do, knocking on my door.

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  2. I love Mr. Jingles! What a fun family activity and sounds like you had good weather for it. I don’t identify as a Christian but we do decorate a little for Christmas. We enjoy looking at all the ornaments that we have collected over the years. I love the lights, especially when it snows. We don’t exchange gifts though. We do, however, during the holiday season we do give to charities in honor of people we love.

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  3. In the olden days, when I was younger and more energetic, I used to go all out with decorating for Christmas. Now, what I do is minimal, and works for me. My son complained last year that I didn’t put the tree up (I wasn’t enthused about the decorating then undecorating), so this year I bought a funky, almost a Christmas tree pencil tree with sequins and a few lights. hey, it works for me!

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  4. Aw – thank you for sharing your decorating extravaganza! What a lovely family. I love how you all welcome the season by this event and I agree wholeheartedly with you – it was most definitely blogworthy!

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  5. Looks great in the evening! And hey, u all are too cute! Santa is coming, be ready!
    With each year I celebrate less and less…
    But I love Xmas market & the spirit 🙂
    And the weather is awesome! Here’s too cold 🥶😂 for any outside actions

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  6. Lovely pictures and lovely haiku, it’s great to hear that you guys enjoyed the holiday season and decorating looks like a lot of fun!

    As a Muslim, we are not allowed to celebrate it at all otherwise we are imitating a faith that we aren’t subscribed to. I know some might consider this a little strict – I saw on Twitter how someone complained that Muslims don’t wish Christians ‘Merry Christmas’ but Christians say ‘Happy Eid’ to us – But, honestly, the punishment for shirk is so incredibly high that to ask us to and condemn us for not doing so is very exacting, ignorant and disrespectful! We say ‘Happy Holidays’ and we don’t demand Christians to say ‘Happy Eid’ to us, so I’m not sure why some people behave like we’ve forced them to. They can just say: hope you enjoy it! And leave it at that. Come on, we just don’t want to be entered into the lowest depths of hell, that’s all.

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