Lost in the Fog

Good mornin’ y’all.  It’s another gray & misty Friday here.  I’ve been out of touch and missing you.  This week has been a wee bit busier than usual so I’ve been having difficulty staying caught up while preparing for next week’s training conference in Miami.  As if that weren’t enough, I’ve used every minute of my free time to work on getting a few short stories ready for submission before I go.

No, now don’t be all envious.  I don’t want to go.  I don’t enjoy traveling without The Boss, The Girl, and The Boy, and big conferences like this one are not geared toward tiny little county operations like mine.  They have little to offer us in the way of relevant training, so I’d just as soon stay home and enjoy the kids’ spring break with ’em.  Oh well.  I’ll make the most of it, I reckon.  Maybe I’ll hit South Beach, maybe try to find a decent restaurant or two.

Y’all think of me while I’m gone.  I know I’ll still be missing you.  Wish me safe travels & goo luck with my submissions, and I’ll holler at ya upon my return.

Take care, be well, and happy blogging,



18 thoughts on “Lost in the Fog

  1. Have a great trip! Hopefully you’re able to walk away from the conference with at least a bit of new knowledge. Also, I may have said this before, but I love that you call your wife The Boss! In the same vein, my boyfriend affectionately refers to me as The Warden. Haha!!

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  2. Safe travels – bummer that you’re not traveling with the best crew ever. You’ll no doubt make the best of it. You’ll be keeping an eye out for blog-aterial, though I hope?! Thank you for stopping by to share happy travel messages to me, we’ll connect here after we both return!!

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  3. I’m a bit jealous, I haven’t been on holiday since I was 18/19. But the last time I went, I had such a blast, lots of extreme sports! I was hoping to save up so I could go on holiday with my sister, but I’m feeling worried in our current climate after the terrorist attack on Muslims in NZ, there was a 500% increase in hate crime in the U.K. during the aftermath. But then again I guess the entire world is unsafe at the moment and I can’t let it stop me from living. I hope you enjoy your holiday (the beach in particular), have a safe trip and rest (when you can!)… and good luck with your short story submission, I’m sure it’ll be nothing short of spectacular. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Soph. The conference wasn’t too bad, but the only time I got to the beach was after it was over. I did get my feet wet, but that was all.

      I hope you get to go on holiday again soon and that you get to visit someplace interesting but most of all safe.


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