Your Day in Court: A Public Service Announcement

Happy Monday & a pleasant Earth Day, y’all. I hope all you beautiful Bloggers have a great day and a wonderful week.

I’ve been extremely busy for the past few weeks; ain’t it crazy how life gets that way sometimes? I am about 3 weeks behind in sharing my bookthoughts (and goodness do I have some thoughts to share! Spoiler: I recently finished quite possibly the worst book I’ve ever read. It was so bad I couldn’t quit reading to see how much worse it would get. Can’t wait to let y’all know what I think about Phil Valentine’s The God Players.)

But for now, I’m gonna share an essay I first posted 2 years ago because, well, it’s just time, dammit. For those of you who’ve seen it before, I apologize for the repeat, but I feel I’ve gained enough new followers in recent months to justify reblogging it. It has the added bonuses of being helpful, informative, and funny to boot, so enjoy!

The Ceaseless Reader Writes

Court rules 2 Common Rules in a Middle Tennessee County Courthouse

I’ve been a probation officer for going on 14 years and have served in many different Criminal, Circuit, General Sessions, and Municipal courts.  I’m wise enough to know I haven’t seen it all and experienced enough to know there are very few human behaviors or actions that will shock or surprise me.  But because I continue to see repeated patterns of courtroom behavior that seem far outside the realm of common sense, I decided to offer some advice to those of you who have never or don’t often see the inside of a real courtroom.  If you don’t already know it, they bear small resemblance to the ones you see on TV.

Now I know I’m a member of a vast and sophisticated, educated, law-abiding group of fine, upstanding e-citizens endowed with bottomless stores of smarts and common sense and that most…

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6 thoughts on “Your Day in Court: A Public Service Announcement

    1. No kiddin’. If you ever get to feeling too sad about your own life, spend a few hours sitting in your local General sessions court on a hearings day. I guarantee it’ll make you feel like you’ve got it good.


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