How ‘Bout That?

Please, no applause.

The other day, my dear friend Em at Earthly Brain posted about self worth, and I commented that, “Presently, I define my self-worth by how well I provide for my family and prepare The Girl & The Boy for life after 18 and by how much kindness, compassion, and respect I manifest toward other people.”

Today my notifications included the one represented by this post’s featured image, namely, that I’ve attained a following of 500 Bloggers.  How many people see and interact with my blog in no way defines my sense of self-worth, but the affirmation is gratifying.  It’s pleasing to know that, at some point, 500 people have found value in what I have to say and that some of them have continued to do so for months or even years.  Thank y’all.

It’s even more fulfilling frequently to interact with those loyal and observant Bloggers who read my posts through to the end then offer thoughtful and often thought-provoking comments.  I’m tempted to try to include a complete list of those Bloggers who do so regularly, but my middle-aged memory and limited time compel me to forgo such an attempt.  Y’all know who you are.

To all of you beautiful Bloggers out there who have, at some point, found value in my humble thoughts, and especially to those of you who interact with me frequently, I offer my profound gratitude and sincere hope for your continued health and prosperity.

I love y’all.

Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!



-via Word of the Day challenge, “Applaud”

24 thoughts on “How ‘Bout That?

    1. Thank you, Steven. It seems to me 39 is considerably more than you had 6 months ago. I think I probably post a little more often than you do, and your deep philosophical thoughts require a serious intellectual commitment from readers.

      Best wishes for you, Bette, & Baxter.

      Your friend,


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  1. Thank you Denny. I wasn’t complaining exactly, just stating a comparison. Yes I do know my posts are not for the faint of philosophical heart. And my main motivation for writing remains the adventure of putting my thoughts to paper. Well the computer screen anyway.

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