Brief Thoughts on a Bunch O’Books #5

I already posted these thoughts on Goodreads.  If y’all’re interested in reading any of the synopses, click the linked title below the image of the book’s cover.  And if you’ve read any of the following, I’d love to read your thoughts in my Comments section.

Commander in Cheat

Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump by Rick Reilly.  I rated it 3 of 5 stars, “liked it”, on Goodreads and shelved it there as American, humor, memoir, & nonfiction.

I hesitate to say I like Commander in Cheat because it makes me sad to read so many stories about how our nation’s leader is such an offensive, lying, cheating, narcissistic buffoon by nature, but Reilly really has done a nice job of documenting the Cheater in Chief’s behavior and presenting it as the story of a deeply flawed but not entirely unsympathetic human being rather than as a political hack job.

We Are the Nerds

We Are the Nerds: The Birth and Tumultuous Life of the Internet’s Culture Laboratory by Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, audiobook read by Chloe Cannon.  I rated it 3 of 5 stars, “liked it” on Goodreads and shelved it there as 21st-century, American, business, history, & tech industry.

This isn’t the kind of book I’d typically be interested in, but it caught my eye, and I’m glad it did. Lagorio-Chafkin does a nice job of personalizing and humanizing a veritable phone book of big tech industry players and weaving the many twisted, varying threads of their stories into an interesting, informative, and relatively seamless narrative. Chloe Cannon is a competent narrator, but her habit of mispronouncing “and” as “end” and “can” as “ken” is extremely annoying.

Museum of the Americas

Museum of the Americas by J. Michael Martinez. I rated it 1 of 5 stars, “did not like it”, on Goodreads and shelved it there as poetry.

I don’t want to detract from Martinez’ skill as a poet, but I did not enjoy this collection. My poetic tastes these days run largely to artists like Billy Collins. In this collection, at least, Martinez gives us a poetics of racial, political, ethnic, and cultural angst and anguish that’s painful to read. I prefer being uplifted by poetry, not dejected.

Lost States

Lost States: True Stories of Texlahoma, Transylvania, and Other States That Never Made It by Michael J. Trinklein.  I rated it 3 of 5 stars, “liked it”, on Goodreads and shelved it there as American, history, humor, & nonfiction.

Lost States is a fun, informative, entertaining, and quirky history of American states that never were. I really enjoyed Michael Trinklein’s sense of humor and often found myself laughing aloud. With its quick-reading, 2-page entries, this would make a great coffee table or bathroom book. If I had a coffee table, I’d add it to my Amazon wish list.

Wisp of a Thing

Wisp of a Thing (Tufa #2) by Alex Bledsoe, audiobook read by Stefan Rudnicki.  I rated it 3 of 5 stars, “liked it”, on Goodreads and shelved it there as fantasy, fiction, novel, series, Southern, & supernatural.

I reviewed the first book in the Tufa series, The Hum and the Shiver, at much greater length here.

I liked book 2 of the Tufa series at least as much as I liked book 1. As I speculated in my review of its predecessor, Bledsoe gets a little more into who & what the Tufa are and where they came from, and Wisp of a Thing features cameos from a few of the more memorable characters from The Hum and the Shiver while introducing plenty of new major and minor characters.

Have y’all read any of the above books?  What’d you think of them? Do tell in my Comments section below!

Take care, be well, and happy reading!



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