The Obvious Word #1

Hey y’all!  I hope you’re doing well and prospering on this fantastic Monday!

I’m grateful to the ever-eloquent Fandango today for giving me licence to try something new & different, a kind of mash-up of two types of periodic posts.  The first type is my A Writer’s Reliquary, which I update whenever I encounter a new & interesting (or long-forgotten!) word in the course of my reading. I have a freakishly large vocabulary, so it doesn’t happen often.

The second type, and my new experiment, unveiled here for the first time, will be a periodic post I’m calling The Obvious Word.  Whenever I come across a word so obviously worthy of including in A Writer’s Reliquary, I’ll also post the obvious worthy as a word prompt challenge, linked to other word prompt challenges, and invite y’all to link to it, if you’re inspired and so inclined, and offer your own take on the word.

Here’s how it’ll work: I’ll write a sample sentence or paragraph using the obvious word, which will be linked to A Writer’s Reliquary, which you can click if context fails to impart its meaning.  Any words I take from other word prompt challenges will be bolded and their links/pingbacks included at the end of my post.

Without further ado and in an effort to earn your respect, admiration, and above all participation, I give you today’s The Obvious Word:

“I was almost overcome with nausea as I entered the crumbling, cramped, and stuffy trailer littered with the prone and crapulous victims of the previous night’s revelries. No one stirred as I picked my way over the dozens of unconscious partygoers, nearly stepping in a puddle of congealed vomit on my way to open the window in an effort to ventilate the putrid habitation.”

Do you dare to join the fun, or are you too scared?  If you want to play, share your take on “crapulous” with your preferred form of expression, be it a short story, poem, photo, drawing, or whatever strikes your fancy.  Either include a pingback to this post or, if it’s easier for you, share a link to your response in my Comments section below.

Take care, be well, and happy blogging!



Via FOWC for Monday, 11/18/19, “Licence
Via Word of the Day Challenge for Monday, 11/18/19, “Earn
Via Ragtag Daily Prompt for Monday, 11/18/19, “Stir
Via Your Daily Word Prompt for November 18, 2019, “Ventilate
Via Daily Addictions for November 18, 2019, “Scared


10 thoughts on “The Obvious Word #1

  1. “Crapulous”: a mashup of fabulous and crappy. As in:

    He: I thought Ellen’s party was crappy

    She: How can you say that? I thought her party was fabulous.

    He: Okay, let’s just agree that it was crapulous.

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  2. LOL – very clever, Denny! Thank you for the license to reply – I may or may not be more stirred or scared into post writing action after a crapulous Saturday afternoon? You’ve earned my respect. I sighed to ventilate my desire to be as creative as you are. Cheers to you!!

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  3. Fun idea for a post! I love it when someone uses new-to-me vocabulary in a clever way. Jay McInerney, for instance, has been known to teach me a word or two. Though after even a few pomegranate hard seltzers, I am too crapulous to concentrate on anything that guy writes.

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