You’re Doing Great!

You’re Doing Great! And Other Reasons to Stay Alive by Tom Papa.  I rated it 4 of 5 stars, “really liked it”, on Goodreads and shelved it there as 21st-century, American, essays, humor, & nonfiction.  You can read a synopsis by clicking on the linked title above.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for giving me a free copy of the uncorrected e-galley version of You’re Doing Great!

This was my first experiment with a NetGalley-provided book, and I deem it highly successful. Not only did NetGalley make it very easy to obtain my copy, but the book is great!

Tom Papa and I must share a lot of DNA. If I believed in such things, I’d be tempted to surmise we’re soulmates. Whatever it is, Tom Papa gets me. On almost every page, I found myself nodding along in recognition as he narrates one hilarious life event after another.

Papa’s prose style is folksy and profound, and his writing makes me giggle, belly-laugh, and sometimes even laugh ’til the tears come. On a couple of occasions, his musings were poignant enough to send me reaching for a facial tissue. Not too many people I know are as self-aware and as good at humorizing their lives as Tom Papa is. He’s one of those authors I would truly love to hang out and share some good red wine, cheese, and some of his homemade bread with.

I have lamented elsewhere and too often the sad state of copy-editorial affairs in much of modern writing. I was tickled to find that this uncorrected e-galley contained less minor errors than many of the final versions of books I’ve read in the past few years.

If you’re able to get your hands on a copy of You’re Doing Great! when it comes out, I highly recommend you do so. It’s timely, its message is sorely needed right now, and I have a hunch you’ll love it. It being the time of Covid-19 and the worst American economic crisis since the Great Depression, we live in trying times to say the least. I myself have come dangerously close to succumbing to despair, and this book pulled me out of the depths and cheered me up. Thank you, Tom Papa, for this virtual hug of a book. You’re doing great!

Have you read You’re Doing Great! yet, or did you read Papa’s previous book, Your Dad Stole my Rake?  How’d you feel about them?  I’d love to read your comments, so please do share!

–Via Fandango’s One-Word Challenge for 4/30/20, “experiment
–Via Your Daily Word Prompt for 4/27/20, “hunch

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