Piranesi, an Excerpt

Piranesi by [Susanna Clarke]

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke.  I only received a 20-page excerpt, so this isn’t posted on Goodreads.  If & when I read the entire book, I’ll review it afterward.

Thank you to Bloomsbury USA and NetGalley for the free excerpt to review.

Only two living occupants, Piranesi and The Other, inhabit a house, which they call The World, of infinite numbers of halls filled with countless lovely statues, an ocean that periodically floods every hall, and 13 skeletal bodies.  Both are scientists endeavoring to unlock the mysteries of the house and, presumably, to figure out how and why they came to be in it.

Piranesi is delightful, intriguing, and instantly captivating.  Both the eponymous character and The Other are enigmatic & sympathetic, and I am aching to learn more about them and The World they inhabit.  I regret I only got a tiny glimpse into this story and will await publication of the entire book with eager anticipation.  I haven’t read any of Susanna Clarke’s previous work, an error I intend to rectify soon.

Have y’all read any of Susanna Clarke’s books?  Were you lucky enough to get your hands on a full copy to review?  What did you think?

Take care, be well, and happy blogging!



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