Something is Killing the Children, Vol. 1

Something is Killing the Children, Vol. 1  by James Tynion IV, art by Werther Delle’edera and Miquel Muerto.  I rated it 4 of 5 stars, “really liked it”, on Goodreads and shelved it there as graphic novel, fiction, & horror.  You can read the official synopsis by clicking the linked title above.

Thank you to NetGalley and BOOM! Studios for the free review copy.

Monsters only children can see are killing, kidnapping, hoarding, and eating children in a small American town where, according to the local sheriff, “these things just don’t happen”.  But they are happening, and the locals are powerless to stop it.  Until a mysterious, blonde woman with a backpack and a flip phone arrives to provide relief and starts kicking monster ass.

Tynion writes wonderful characters.  They’re varied, believable, likable, and sympathetic.  The story is original, the plot is perfectly paced, and the artwork is suitably macabre and dark.  This volume collects issues 1 through 5 of the comic book series, is a quick read, and left me wishing volume 2 were already available.

I really enjoyed <i>Something is Killing the Children</i>, but fair warning: this book is not for kids, and that’s a fact.  Apart from the gallons of blood spilled and children being gorily dismembered, there’s a great deal of profanity on almost every page.

Have y’all read any of this series yet?  What did you think about it?  Do profanity and graphic representations of violence repel you, or are you occasionally drawn to such dark displays?

–Via Fandango’s One-Word Challenge for 5/8/20, “fact
–Via Ragtag Daily Prompt for 5/8/20, “relief

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