Quality Quotes #12

“[T]hose who refuse to consider what they do are cloaked in the shadow of stupidity, but they enjoy the shade.  It is cool and comfortable there.”  Joe R. Lansdale, in his 2013 novel The Thicket.

Considering how many people in America today subsist, indeed, thrive on an alimentation of willful ignorance, y’all might be tempted to assume I’m making a pointed comment about members of one side of our partisan divide or the other.  I’m not.  I’m simply sharing this bit of profound wisdom and issuing a challenge:  As often as you’re able, encourage others to live an examined life.  And when you see on my blog what looks like ill-considered logic or, worse, rank hypocrisy, call me out, please.  I’d hate for it to be said that I’m one who enjoys wallowing in the cool, comfortable shade of my own stupidity.

Take care, be well, and happy thinking!



–Via Fandango’s One-Word Challenge for 5/13/20, “rank
–Via Word of the Day Challenge for 5/14/20, “challenge
–Via Your Daily Word Prompt Challenge for 5/14/20, “alimentation

8 thoughts on “Quality Quotes #12

  1. An interesting quote. I’m not sure I’d use “stupidity,” though. Usually we’re smart enough; we just prefer to be blind in one area or another because the light is too bright for us.
    I hope you got my comment on your “Covid songs”; it vanished leaving no trace. 🙂


  2. How do people know if they’re living an “examined life”? Don’t say “by examining it.” I think most people are convinced that they are smarter than they are (me too).


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