Quarantine Playlist Challenge


Y’all, I need your help!  My partners & I at Adult Probation started a Quarantine Playlist last week, and as you can see by the photograph above, our board is almost full.  I need your best suggestions for timely songs that can elevate our mood, help us overcome our feelings of gloom in this era of doom, or even just make us want to get up and dance.

I challenge you to contribute, either by listing a song or two in my “Comments” section or, better yet, by creating your very own Quarantine Playlist Challenge post and making a pingback to my post by linking to it.  Don’t forget to include the hashtag, #Q’tineMusic.  I won’t presume to judge a winner, but if enough of you participate, I may treat you to some very goofy pictures of me dancing.  The Girl will certainly get a kick out of taking those pics.  Though she may be laughing so hard she won’t be able to keep her hands steady.

My most creative entry so far is “New K(ov)id in Town”.  May you do better!

Ready . . . Set . . . GO!!!

–Via Word of the Day Challenge for 5/14/20, “challenge
–Via Word of the Day Challenge for 5/16/20, “dancing
–Via Ragtag Daily Prompt for 5/17/20, “overcome
–Via Fandango’s One-Word Challenge for 5/18/20, “photograph

12 thoughts on “Quarantine Playlist Challenge

  1. Oh, I shouldn’t get started at this!
    How could you miss “The Sound of Silence”? 😉
    And there’s “Counting Flowers on the Wall” by the Stattler Bros.
    “Empty Arms”; “Mr Lonely”; “I’m So Lonsesome I Could Cry”;
    “Song Sung Blue”; “Oh, Lonesome Me.”;
    Alone Again, Naturally (or Unnaturally?) and even “She’s a Must to Avoid.”
    I better quit!
    Thanks for participating in today’s prompt –even if I’m rather late in saying it. 🙂

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    1. was gonna say, Jim Adams did a whole prompt on this a few weeks ago where probably 20-odd people came up with songs which signified isolation. Mine was just one of those songs. My post links to Jim’s, and the ideas will show as pingbacks on his posts.

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  2. We have had a similar playlist at work. I work for the NHS and we have been trying to keep put spirits up.
    I think there are some similar songs on already on that board, but we love
    “Dancing On my Own” by Robyn.

    We also like “All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe” The Hollies
    Someone put on our playlist “A Design For Life” Manic Street Preachers

    For me personally…”My Favourite Things” from Maria and the Von Trapp Kids lifts me everytime I sing it.

    …and I think that after yesterday’s incident at work, “Simply The Best” Tina Turner. Because we are the NHS…and quite simply….the best!

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  3. Can’t Touch This, Cruel Summer, Live and Let Die (too dark maybe). There is this meme going around with Alice Copper behind a podium and it says, “Alice Copper just announced schools out for ever.” Its pretty cool. June 11th is our last day.

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    1. Wow! Our schools have been out since March 5th, so the students missed an entire 2 months of classes. Work was made available online and in hard copy, but nothing was required or graded. We did the best we could to make sure our kids continued to do some work every day. There’s been some mention that our schools won’t be able to re-open in August. We are hoping and praying that won’t be the case.


      1. Our kids will get a pass or incomplete for their last grade of the year. I constantly worry about next school year. I have little ones (3,5,8 yo). Distance learning at this age is super hard. Im not sure im readybto send them into a building though

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