Awareness Week 2020

Howdy, friends & fellow Bloggers!  I’m designating this first week of June as Awareness Week in light of the struggles America is experiencing in 2020. To help expand folks’ consciousness of the myriad injustices plaguing us today, I’m going to share a song a day from an album every concerned, patriotic American needs to hear and be moved by. Tennessean Will Hoge is a talented, soulful singer-songwriter. In 2012, he was fed up with all that he saw going on so produced the EP Modern American Protest Music. Every track is as timely now as it was then. I’m starting with “The Ballad of Trayvon Martin” for obvious reasons. Enjoy and be moved.

Modern American Protest Music

“Ballad of Trayvon Martin”

If disruptive rioters don’t stop breaking curfew to sabotage peaceful protests, and Supreme Leader Trump dispatches troops to cities to “dominate” them, America’s goose is cooked.

Peace, y’all.



–Via Word of the Day Challenge for 6/1/20, “goose
–Via Your Daily Word Prompt for 6/2/20, “justice
–Via Ragtag Daily Prompt for 6/2/20, “curfew

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