Quarantine Playlist Challenge

Y'all, I need your help!  My partners & I at Adult Probation started a Quarantine Playlist last week, and as you can see by the photograph above, our board is almost full.  I need your best suggestions for timely songs that can elevate our mood, help us overcome our feelings of gloom in this era … Continue reading Quarantine Playlist Challenge

Provocative Anwers #2

Fandango's 69th provocative question is: Assume you are a real-life superhero. What is your super power? What is the largest obstacle to using your super power? The Girl drew this sweet picture when she was around 8 years old.  Until she presented it to me, I never thought of myself as a hero of any kind; … Continue reading Provocative Anwers #2

Thoughts on 3 Books #11

Hellow fellow Bloggers and beautiful people the world around.  I hope y’all’re doing well and thriving today. I already posted these reviews on Goodreads.  If y’all’re interested in reading any of the synopses, just click the linked title below the image of each cover.  And if you’ve read any of these books, I’d love to … Continue reading Thoughts on 3 Books #11

The Obvious Word #1

Hey y'all!  I hope you're doing well and prospering on this fantastic Monday! I'm grateful to the ever-eloquent Fandango today for giving me licence to try something new & different, a kind of mash-up of two types of periodic posts.  The first type is my A Writer's Reliquary, which I update whenever I encounter a … Continue reading The Obvious Word #1