Gullible Monsoon

Hello friends and fellow Bloggers.  I hope y'all're doing fine on this lovely Wednesday as I prepare to slog through another long and most likely frustrating day in court.  The Judge & I're guaranteed to have to endure a veritable monsoon of tearful sob stories from today's steady parade of misdemeanants, ne'er-do-wells, and repeat offenders. … Continue reading Gullible Monsoon

Ancient History

My friend Victoria at Raynotbradbury challenged me to post about an author or philosopher of the ancient world, and I have chosen Josephus.  Here are Vic’s rules for the challenge:  1) Choose an author or philosopher from Ancient times.  Country of origin doesn’t matter.  2) Share 3 of that individual’s quotes and any other info … Continue reading Ancient History

Steve’s Story, Part 4

I'm availing myself of the penultimate opportunity to participate in WordPress's heretofore unbroken chain of connection and collaboration that is the Daily Post before they yank it out from under us forever.  I already aired my grievances in yesterday's two  posts and have joined Judy Dykstra-Brown's urgent forum seeking to persuade WordPress to change their … Continue reading Steve’s Story, Part 4