Quality Quotes #11

"Sandy shook her head.  'Boys,' she said, and with that single word excused me from all responsibility."  Ann Patchett, in The Dutch House. This trenchant quote damnear caused me to choke when I came across it while eating breakfast this morning.  I was blind to the concept of white male privilege until after I had been … Continue reading Quality Quotes #11

Fun Day in Kentucky

Bless me, Bloggers, for I have sinned; it's been damnear a month since I last posted, and my poor starved stats reflect that slack. I've been adrift for a couple of months now after having come inexplicably unmoored from any desire to share more than my most basic impressions of books I've read recently.  I … Continue reading Fun Day in Kentucky

4 Octobers and a November

My friend Soph at sophiaismaa hit me with this intriguing Trip Down Memory Lane Through Pictures tag a few days back, so I took the opportunity to reminisce a bit. Please check out Soph's site.  She is amazing, talented, intelligent, and bold.  Thank you for thinking of me, Soph! As usual, I had to ponder … Continue reading 4 Octobers and a November