New Feature Added!

Howdy, friends and fellow Bloggers!  As I've been more diligent lately about increasing my practice of blogging, I've realized The Ceaseless Reader Writes' content has become quite copious, and my existing dropdown searches for "Categories" and "Archives" no longer suffice.  To make it easier for readers (and me!) to find posts about specific thoughts, authors, … Continue reading New Feature Added!

A Bit (More) About Me #11

--Via Melanie B. Cee's Share Your World for 2/24/20 Q: What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?  Or to put it another way “Can men and women ever be platonic friends?  Doesn’t sex always get in the way?” A: Yes, men and women can be platonic friends.  I know many people, … Continue reading A Bit (More) About Me #11

Quality Quotes #8

"Truly, life is the misery we endure between disappointments." Joe Abercrombie, uttered by Superior of the Inquisition Sand dan Glokta in Last Argument of Kings (The First Law trilogy #3). My office remains piled with this week's accumulated detritus, but I've made sufficient progress this morning to justify a brief blogging break.  I've been annoyed … Continue reading Quality Quotes #8

A Bit (More) About Me #10

I'm a couple days later than usual in participating in Melanie B. Cee's weekly "Share Your World".  I know y'all're chewing your nails in anticipation, so here you go.  You're welcome! Q: How can someone win a gold star with you? (i.e. win your approval and/or admiration) A: Anyone who has an observable history of … Continue reading A Bit (More) About Me #10

A Bit (More) About Me #5

Via Sparks from a Combustible Mind's Share Your World for 9/24/18. Q: Last week, Sparks asked a question about favorite beverages and the overwhelming favorite was coffee.   If you drink coffee, how do you like it best?  Hot, cold, iced, with cream, with sugar or black as black? A: Black, strong, and bitter except on … Continue reading A Bit (More) About Me #5