Steve’s Tale Part 6

A Darla Nyte story My friend Victoria at Raynotbradbury tagged me with her "One Day With a Star" blogger challenge, and my immediate response to its theme meshed perfectly with the chapter of a short story I was working on at the time.  This story, let's call it "Steve's Tale", is itself the continuing sequel … Continue reading Steve’s Tale Part 6

Steve’s Story, Part 4

I'm availing myself of the penultimate opportunity to participate in WordPress's heretofore unbroken chain of connection and collaboration that is the Daily Post before they yank it out from under us forever.  I already aired my grievances in yesterday's two  posts and have joined Judy Dykstra-Brown's urgent forum seeking to persuade WordPress to change their … Continue reading Steve’s Story, Part 4

We Created a Beautiful Monster

Thank y'all very much for your love of yesterday's post, "10 Bloggers, 300 Words Each".  That project was way too much fun.  I didn't realize it at the time, but the awesome Bloggers with whom I collaborated and I have apparently created a monster with the fictional Darla Nyte world we developed in that story. … Continue reading We Created a Beautiful Monster