Thoughts on 2 Books #10

Holy crap, y'all!  I just browsed through my Goodreads "My Books" section and realized I've posted thoughts on 17 books there without also sharing them here.  17!  Shameful!  I deserve a kick in the pants for such a lapse. I was already planning to squeeze in a couple of posts this week, but this delightful … Continue reading Thoughts on 2 Books #10

A Seismic Shift

Via Teresa Grabs' Page & Line Challenge #1 I've been hankerin' to take up Teresa's challenge ever since I saw it last week, but y'all know how it is.  Busy, busy, TORNADO, busy...  Turns out the delay was fortuitous, though, 'cause not only has my story idea had time to percolate & resonate with my particular … Continue reading A Seismic Shift

Provocative Answers #1

--Via Fandango's Provocative Question for 2/26/20 Fandango asks, “What is something you long believed to be true but now realize is not true?” In recent years, I've let go of two long-held beliefs. Letting go of the first, my belief in a god or gods after a years-long, diligent, sincere personal quest, was liberating and … Continue reading Provocative Answers #1

Quality Quotes #8

"Truly, life is the misery we endure between disappointments." Joe Abercrombie, uttered by Superior of the Inquisition Sand dan Glokta in Last Argument of Kings (The First Law trilogy #3). My office remains piled with this week's accumulated detritus, but I've made sufficient progress this morning to justify a brief blogging break.  I've been annoyed … Continue reading Quality Quotes #8

The Obvious Word #1

Hey y'all!  I hope you're doing well and prospering on this fantastic Monday! I'm grateful to the ever-eloquent Fandango today for giving me licence to try something new & different, a kind of mash-up of two types of periodic posts.  The first type is my A Writer's Reliquary, which I update whenever I encounter a … Continue reading The Obvious Word #1