A Bit (More) About Me #12

As she does every week, the wonderful & indefatigable Mel B. Cee at Sparks from a Combustible Mind has invited us to share our worlds, so here's an itty-bitty peek into mine.  Thank you, Mel!  Y'all be sure to hop over and check out Mel's incredible blog. Q1: Do you have a favorite kind of … Continue reading A Bit (More) About Me #12

A Bit (More) About Me #10

I'm a couple days later than usual in participating in Melanie B. Cee's weekly "Share Your World".  I know y'all're chewing your nails in anticipation, so here you go.  You're welcome! Q: How can someone win a gold star with you? (i.e. win your approval and/or admiration) A: Anyone who has an observable history of … Continue reading A Bit (More) About Me #10

My 13 Reasons Challenge

When my friend Soph at Sophia Ismaa Writes tagged me with this, I had no intention of accepting the challenge.  Not because I found it uninteresting but because there is nothing keeping me going other than the mere fact that my body continues to function well enough to keep me alive. Let me explain.  Although … Continue reading My 13 Reasons Challenge