See what I did there?  Maybe I should add my new word to my Writer's Reliquary.  What do y'all think?  Would you use it if it were a 'real' word?  Or is it too clunky?  It's actually not that hard to pronounce but does kinda sound like you're trying not to drool when you get … Continue reading Efrustrlated

3-Day Photo Challenge

I don't take many selfies, don't often take photos of my routine daily activities, and rarely try to document the day-to-day of my mundane life.  So when my friend Victoria tagged me last Friday with the 3-Day Photo Challenge, I was momentarily flummoxed about how to respond.  But then my little pea-brain started churning, and … Continue reading 3-Day Photo Challenge

Gratuitous Pseudopun

via Daily Prompt: Sleeve From the farthest corners of the globe, I hear the chorus of groans already, but I can't help myself.  I beg y'all's indulgence.  My quirky self demands momentary release.  This is crass and completely unnecessary, but since I've already posted a more serious response to today's prompt, I feel liberated to … Continue reading Gratuitous Pseudopun

All Smiles

Last month, I was greatly gratified by the response to my post, "Funny at the Grocery Store", which featured my awesome, beautiful kids.  When I saw the Daily Post prompt "glimmer" this morning, I instantly thought of them.  Not because there's anything faint or wavering about their inner light, but because they shine.  Radiantly and … Continue reading All Smiles

Remarkable Candor

via Daily Prompt: Candid Word count = 165 / Reading time = 40 seconds (1 minute & 40 seconds if you read the linked story as well.) The following disheartening but amusing story was reported by Brandon Carter in The Hill, a newspaper that covers the American government in Washington, D.C., on January 19th, 2018. While … Continue reading Remarkable Candor

Your Day in Court: A Public Service Announcement

I've been a probation officer for going on 14 years and have served in many different Criminal, Circuit, General Sessions, and Municipal courts.  I'm wise enough to know I haven't seen it all and experienced enough to know there are very few human behaviors or actions that will shock or surprise me.  But because I … Continue reading Your Day in Court: A Public Service Announcement