Santa’s Spies

Sunday, I was up in the attic handing tubs full of Christmas decorations down to my helper, The Girl.  Last month, she officially made me the father of a teenager. TG:  "Which one of those tubs are the elves in?" Me:  "Elves?  Uhh...  What elves?" TG:  "The elves you put out every year around Thanksgiving, … Continue reading Santa’s Spies

A Poem, Some Pics #3

Saturday morning, December 1st, I was, as I too often am of late, struck melancholy by the realization that the year is almost gone.  Rather than cry myself into a puddle of useless, quivering jelly, I jotted down a haiku to honor the occasion. Time Flies How fast does time fly? If I'm the fleeing … Continue reading A Poem, Some Pics #3