2 Book Rants

via Daily Prompt: Enroll Word count = 896 / Reading time = 3 minutes, 35 seconds I'm not feeling very creative today, y'all.  Figuring out how to fit these two rants into a post in response to "enroll" is about the extent of my creative ability right now.  In fact, I'm feeling kind of existentially angsty, … Continue reading 2 Book Rants

Unacceptable Ingratitude

via Daily Prompt: Shock Word count = 586 / Reading time = 2 minutes, 15 seconds I ranted about a similar topic in my previous post "A Harmonic Convergence",  a 2-minute read that gives some background to today's rant if you're interested.  I'm shocked I'm already having to rave about it only a month later. … Continue reading Unacceptable Ingratitude

A Harmonic Convergence

via Daily Prompt: Theory Word count: 452 / Reading time: 2 minutes or less Thank you, Daily Post, for today's serendipitous prompt.  I observed something yesterday that made me very angry.  Last night, I was already thinking of what I might write about that event today, and one of the words tumbling through those thoughts … Continue reading A Harmonic Convergence

Makes my gorge rise: a rant

via Daily Prompt: Gorge Reading time: approximately 2 minutes. The phrase "makes my gorge rise" may be an English idiom (sorry, I don't have time to research it, any wordhounds reading this feel free to enlighten us in the comments), so for you non-native English speakers out there, I'll explain what it means.   When … Continue reading Makes my gorge rise: a rant