A Bit (More) About Me #2

Via Cee's Share Your World for Monday, 8/27/18 Q:  Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts? A:  I am not picky, and I love to eat.  I like nuts in foods in which they taste good, which is most of them, and I don't like nuts in foods in which they don't … Continue reading A Bit (More) About Me #2

Alas, This Current Moment

via Daily Prompt: Foreign A wee bit of melancholy, defeatist wordplay for y'all today, born of my frustration over America's current, seemingly interminable political moment spurred on by a lying, mad bully beholden to despotic autocrats.  Quick, someblogger say something to cheer me up. Foreign influence campaigns leave me praying for rain to wash corrupt … Continue reading Alas, This Current Moment

Aimless Love

via Daily Prompt: Talisman Billy Collins is the pinnacle of contemporary poets; his poetry is my talisman against negativity and existential ennui. The only thing I like more than reading Billy Collins poems is listening to him read them.  He writes uncomplicated poems about everyday life, people, objects, and events, and his melodious, flowing language … Continue reading Aimless Love

This One’s for the Women

via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising Word count = 243 / Reading time = less than 1 minute I hope y'all can forgive the unfancyness & insophistication of my poorly composed photo and see through to the deeply heartfelt sentiment underlying it.  It was the best I could do without ripping off someone else's better looking image, … Continue reading This One’s for the Women

God Is Not a Christian

via Daily Prompt: Constant Word count = 163 / Reading time = 45 seconds (Rated 3 of 5 stars on Goodreads) God Is Not a Christian packs quite a wallop for such a small book. Tutu propounds a constant message of forgiveness, tolerance, reconciliation, peace, and above all faith. Reading this collection of speeches and … Continue reading God Is Not a Christian

Trumpnocchio: An Acrostic

via Daily Prompt: Conveyor Word count = 277 / Reading time = 1 minute, 15 seconds Can we believe anything Trump says, or is he a calumnious conveyor of falsehoods and lies, not an inspiring purveyor of undisguised truth? Various entities tally and track his deceptive claims. Except for Breitbart and Fox News, most major … Continue reading Trumpnocchio: An Acrostic

Open Letter to My Elected Representatives: A Mashup

via Daily Prompt: Cavity Word count = 875 / Reading time = 3 minutes, 30 seconds (Image courtesy of Luis Echeverria/AP in The Guardian) I was going to work on a new short story in my Copperhead County series today but got sidetracked by a couple of disturbing news stories that caught my eye after … Continue reading Open Letter to My Elected Representatives: A Mashup