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Hello!  I’m Denny.  I am active on Goodreads but will occasionally post my thoughts about books here as well.  I love to read, and I enjoy writing about and talking about books with my fellow book lovers.  Although my original intent was for this to be a book blog, I have since decided not to expend so much energy on writing detailed, in-depth book reviews and instead to dedicate more time and effort to writing short fiction and poetry, which  I have dreamed of doing since I was in 4th grade but for varying reasons, none of them good, have failed to do for almost 40 years.  Sad, isn’t it?  On days when I am able to post but don’t have time to write write, I will rant, rave, or gush about whatever subject sparks my interest at that particular moment or maybe hammer out a quick response to a writing prompt.

I live and work as a probation officer near Nashville, Tennessee, USA.  I am fortunate to have been married since 1994 to my beautiful, loving, hardworking, tolerant, supportive, forgiving, and patient wife, aka “The Boss”.  We have occasionally struggled, in more ways than one, but I could not have asked for a better life partner.  We have two beautiful children, a daughter, aka “The Girl”, and a son, aka “The Boy”, whose various activities keep us busy when we’re not working.  I am very involved with both my immediate and nuclear family so currently only have one good friend (not counting my wife/best friend) with whom I occasionally get to hang out and do fun stuff.  But I’m okay with that for now.  My life is very full and fulfilling.

My Dad was in the Army ’til I was 13 years old, and I was lucky enough to have lived for a time in Germany and Korea as well as in several States here in America: Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Missouri.  Although I have spent the majority of my life in the South and have been settled down in Tennessee since 1992, I do not share the culturally conservative values and politics to which Southerners are so commonly perceived to subscribe.  I am a thoughtful, left-leaning moderate politically but am not a registered member of any political party, and I always give issues careful consideration before deciding to vote liberal or conservative.  And I do vote, as often as I’m able.

My interests are eclectic, but some types of blogs just don’t interest me.  Please don’t be offended if you decide to follow my blog and I don’t reciprocate.  Just because I’m not following you doesn’t mean I don’t like you, and I promise I will not publicly say mean things about you or your blog even if I find it offensive, insulting, or uninteresting.  I certainly don’t expect every Blogger to like or follow mine!

Many of y’all have probably already realized this about me by now, but for those of you who haven’t been following me for long, you need to know that I love to laugh.  I love to make people laugh.  I especially love to have a good laugh at my own expense.  Life in the world today is absurd, and I believe the best way to respond to most of the crazy shit we see, hear, and experience every day is to laugh.  Laugh long, loud, and often.  Learn how to laugh at yourself, and you’ll quickly find this tragic, tedious life becoming more bearable.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.  It’s better than a spoonful of sugar.  Hell, it’s even better than my favorite medicinal beverage, Evan Williams on the rocks!

I hope you have the time and the desire to read through my blog.  I am most proud of the short stories (and most of the poems) I have posted here to date, some of which are interrelated and can be found under the sidebar “Category” dropdown menu heading Copperhead County.  No matter how much or little of my blog that you have time for, I welcome your feedback in the “Comments” section of each post or via email.  I have very thick skin, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings.

Take care, be well, and happy blogging,




38 thoughts on “About Denny

  1. I really like your “About Denny” post … I respond strongly to good writing that communicates the intelligence and heart of a person, which your intro certainly does. Your comments about your family and ambitions are quite lovely. Now I must find time to read your fiction @ Copperhead County. Great name! I encourage you to consider, down the line perhaps, a good writing class. I was very snobby about such courses but owe so much to the poetry class I joined for social reasons and then, to my surprise, actually learned to be a better poet!

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  2. Ah, this is such a lovely about page, especially the part about your wife being your best friend, so sweet. And yes, great to see another just about left-leaning individual! (This is also reminding me to update my about page, I barely have anything in it).

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    1. Thank you, Sophia. That’s the third time I’ve updated it. It started out rather small, but then, my original intent for this blog was for it just to be a private place to dump my book thoughts and get in the habit of writing frequently. I never dreamed it would become what it has and certainly never thought I’d accumulate followers. Make sure you let us know when you update yours!

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      1. I know what you mean, it starts out as a place where you just want to share your thoughts and then all of a sudden, well gradually, it becomes so much more and before you know it you have your own little community in the corner of the internet and just a wonderful place to be at. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, T, I’m glad to know it! You and I are kindred spirits in our love of literature. I completed the coursework for an MA in English and taught a few semesters of Freshman Comp as an adjunct professor but burned out before completing a thesis or comps. I look forward to a long and occasionally fictionally collaborative friendship with you!

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      1. This is what makes the WordPress community so awesome! I’m grateful to grow alongside so many compelling minds/bloggers like yourself, and I’m excited to see where we all end up. 🙂

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  3. Well Hello Denny.
    I thought I’d read your ‘about’ page and maybe I had before the updates – either way, I like it. I came back here after your comment on my ‘Helen’ story about our shared “mundane careers shrouded in mystery” – you hooked me. I agree regarding the similarities; I’ve often thought my ‘career’ isn’t much different than being a prison guard (and I’ve actually said that to people – they just cock their head).
    I’m glad you pointed out your Copperhead County stories and where to find them – it’s just my kind-of short story reading.
    Thank you for your support on my blog also…

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  4. Hey, Denny. Good to read about you and your background. I generally enjoy your blog very much. I grew up in Nashville and lived there until I left for college in 1972. It has changed a LOT since then and I know because both my husband and I have family in Nashville still. We live in MI now and love it here – most of the time. 🙂 I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog (don’t remember how really).

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    1. Thank you, LuAnne. I periodically search for blogs with the tag “Tennessee” in an effort to find fellow bloggers in or from my state. Last year I did so, and your blog came up, so I started following it and periodically commenting. I’m glad we found each other!

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  5. Following you now, as just ONE post has convinced me that you are ‘my type of person’….. and not having a blog myself allows me to follow a chosen few and comment there. Your ‘about’ page is just so right! And I love laughter too, and especially when it’s at my own expense 🙂

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