Call for Collaborators

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At long last, here’s the big announcement I’ve told some of you I’ll be making soon!

My friend Em and I recently had so much fun with a short story collaboration that we’ve decided to embark upon a similar project, and we want others to join in our fun.

Here’s the basic idea:  We’re going to produce a collaborative short story of no more than 3,000 words, and we each need a quartet of Bloggers to join us.  I will write the first part of the story, and Em will write the last part.  After I start it, I will email it to my first volunteer, who will add to it then email it to the 2nd volunteer, and so on until the 8th volunteer passes it on to Em.  After Em finishes it, she’ll email it to me for editing; then, I’ll return it to her for a final proofread.  When it’s finished & polished, we’ll email it to all 8 volunteers, and we’ll each post the whole story on our own blog with shout-outs & pingbacks to all contributors.

The Rules are as follows:  1) 300 words max per participant.  2) The protagonist must survive and show some sign of growth or change.  3) The basic world established by the first part of the story must be preserved, but participants are encouraged to be boldly creative within that world.  4) We ask that each participant take no more than 5 business days to complete their part & pass on the developing story.

Now all we need is you! And you, and you, and you!  If you’re interested in joining me & Em on this wild & wacky journey, you can indicate your interest in my ‘Comments’ section below or you can email me at  I’ll take the first four brave souls who express interest.  Make sure you include your email address!

Ready?  Writers take your marks… And…  Go!

56 thoughts on “Call for Collaborators

      1. oh man, I replied too quickly. ok I got it. you figured I’d be first. ok i gotcha. oops. my reply doesn’t makes sense now. hahaah. and also I understand that she also needs an additional 4 people. I’ll email her now. Thanks!

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  1. This sounds really fun!! I would love to join and participate, though I feel as though I would most certainly ruin it somehow… How many do you have? Room for another?

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  2. Fiddlesticks … so sad I missed this but can’t wair to read the results!!!!

    Well done you two for having such an amazing idea and following it through!


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