ReBlog Duet Cut & Paste Extravaganza! (Pt. 1?)

via Daily Prompt: Restart

Word count = 426 / Reading time = 1 minutes, 45 seconds (Plus however much time you spend perusing the linked Blog)


Inspiration.  Connection.  A chance to restart every day anew.  Three of the many things I love about blogging in general and the WordPress community in particular.  Every week I find something new to love about both.  Today, it’s collaboration.

Yesterday, the Daily Post prompt ‘Dim’ inspired me to take a stab at writing flash fiction, and I dashed off a 164-word fantasy bit, “Sick Day”, with which I was rather impressed and that garnered several gratifying comments and requests for a sequel.  Half my fizzing brain spent the rest of the afternoon and early part of the evening whipping up possibilities, but my household duties kept me from putting fingertips to keyboard before I finally fell into bed exhausted at 10:00 PM.

But not before having an epiphany: why not invite the Bloggers who made constructive comments and/or expressed a desire for a sequel to write their own sequels?  I know, genius, right?  So I asked several of my fellow Bloggers to write their own versions of the sequel with a link to my original post and a promise that I would reblog their stories with a link to their Blogs.  My only rule was that each sequel had to come in at 200 words or less.

The first Blogger to accept my challenge was my friend Em from Earthly Brain.  Despite her disclaimer that she doesn’t (can’t) write fiction, I think you’ll be delighted with her amazing, well-written, delightfully neurotic sequel, which flows seamlessly from my original.  Em’s post starts with a link to my original post as well as a screenshot of the story, so if you missed mine yesterday and didn’t click my linked title above, you’ll see it when you visit her Blog.  Which I hope you’ll do.  You owe it to yourself!  And if I hear you didn’t visit Earthly Brain, I may just summon up the owner of the enormous arm in the story and send him after you…

I posted my picture above for two reasons.  1) I found my favorite tie buried in the back of my overstuffed closet and was so tickled I wanted to show it off; and 2) I’m just feeling exceptionally handsome and snazzy looking today!

Without further ado or fanfare, I give you the fabulous Em!

Sick Day continued

You’re safe in the tunnel. I tried to induce sobriety in my body.

Every inch of me was trembling with horror.

You’re dreaming.

Continue reading and see Em’s original post at Earthly Brain here.

Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!



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