Call for Collaborators: An Update

Unbeknownst to many but to the eventual delight of all, a powerful creative undercurrent has been churning through a collective consciousness…

On March 28th, my friend Em and I simultaneously posted a call for volunteers to help us write a short story.  We decided on a max 3,000-word story to be written by the two of us plus 8 volunteers.  We were thrilled by how quickly our fellow Bloggers asked to participate; in fact, within a few hours of posting, we each had our 4 slots filled.  The very next day, I sent part one to my first volunteer.  My team finished the first half yesterday, and Em’s 2nd volunteer is currently working on part 7!

As editor/curator, I have been extremely pleased with the quality of work submitted by every participant.  Today, one of our volunteers surprised us with a stunning cover to accompany our story.  In celebration of our work-in-progress as well as to titillate and tease all you voracious readers out there, I give you this sneak peek:



All participants will be credited and their Blogs linked to the story when we post it.  I know y’all can’t wait.

Take care, be well, and stay hungry,


via Daily Prompt: Churn

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