Gullible Monsoon

Hello friends and fellow Bloggers.  I hope y’all’re doing fine on this lovely Wednesday as I prepare to slog through another long and most likely frustrating day in court.  The Judge & I’re guaranteed to have to endure a veritable monsoon of tearful sob stories from today’s steady parade of misdemeanants, ne’er-do-wells, and repeat offenders.

Last night, The Girl sat me down in front of the home PC & said “Dad, you NEED to hear this song!”.  ‘Cause that’s the kind of thing we do in our happy household; I share good music with the kids to make sure they’re properly acculturated, and they help keep my aging, arthritic, and too-often trembly fingers on the pulse of popular culture.

After we finished watching an episode of The Shannara Chronicles & The Girl was finished preparing for bed, we awoke the sleeping computer and pulled up the ol’ YouTube.  Now The Girl has good taste, so I was expecting something good, and I was not disappointed.  The song & animated video she shared made me laugh and even brought forth a few bittersweet tears.  I apologize to y’all for the inconvenience of having to click the link to hear the song, but this poor boy hasn’t yet dredged up the funds (or really, the will) to graduate to a paid WordPress plan, so I don’t have the option of adding a fancy video feature.  Regardless of your age, I think you’ll like this sweet song & cute video titled “Life is Fun” by TheOdd1sOut featuring Boyinaband.

I’m not so gullible as to think that everyone will like it, so please let me know what you think in the comments down below.  And if you like it, y’all, please spread the joy!

Via FOWC with Fandango for 8/1/18, Gullible

Via RDP #61, Pulse

Via RDP #62, Monsoon

15 thoughts on “Gullible Monsoon

      1. Yes, yes I did, and then, couldn’t get it out of my head. Everything he sang, accompanied by gloom and doom, but still, he was happy! I love the animation too.

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  1. LOL – I love that you humor The Girl in her finds on YouTube. I’m surprised to read it was just one song you found in the rabbit hole! 😉

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      1. Your welcome. I had to share it, it was so perfect! Your daughter certainly has great taste! 🙂 Didn’t receive your message until just now. Seems to be the rule of the day. Better late than never?!

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  2. This toe-tapping tune reminded me of my husband and I (except for the ‘young’ part!). He tends to be a worst-case-scenario person and I tend to see the bright side of things. We balance each other out that way. I will share it with him; I think he’ll enjoy it!

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