Worst Book Ever

Happy Monday, y'all!  Since many good working folks the world around equate Mondays with all kinds of badness, I reckon I'll allow my cranky side to rear its ugly head today.  There's this awful, stinking pile of poo I recently read that I'd like to alert you to so you can avoid it at all … Continue reading Worst Book Ever

It’s Not Too Late, America

I am fortunate never to have been plagued by persistent, severe, or long-term anxiety about anything.  Until November 8, 2016.  Even as much as a year before that, I had begun to experience periodic mild unease after realizing the high likelihood that my fellow Americans were, or at least our predominantly older, white, male Electoral … Continue reading It’s Not Too Late, America

What if? #CultureChange

How great and powerful a moment it would be for Americans if his Honor Brett Kavanaugh opened his Senate testimony today with the following statement or one very similar to it. "Chairman Grassley, Ranking Member Feinstein, distinguished members of the Senate Judicial Committee, and Dr. Ford, I thank you today for allowing me to come … Continue reading What if? #CultureChange

Unacceptable Ingratitude

via Daily Prompt: Shock Word count = 586 / Reading time = 2 minutes, 15 seconds I ranted about a similar topic in my previous post "A Harmonic Convergence",  a 2-minute read that gives some background to today's rant if you're interested.  I'm shocked I'm already having to rave about it only a month later. … Continue reading Unacceptable Ingratitude

A Harmonic Convergence

via Daily Prompt: Theory Word count: 452 / Reading time: 2 minutes or less Thank you, Daily Post, for today's serendipitous prompt.  I observed something yesterday that made me very angry.  Last night, I was already thinking of what I might write about that event today, and one of the words tumbling through those thoughts … Continue reading A Harmonic Convergence

Makes my gorge rise: a rant

via Daily Prompt: Gorge Reading time: approximately 2 minutes. The phrase "makes my gorge rise" may be an English idiom (sorry, I don't have time to research it, any wordhounds reading this feel free to enlighten us in the comments), so for you non-native English speakers out there, I'll explain what it means.   When … Continue reading Makes my gorge rise: a rant