Anger, Sorrow

via Daily Prompt: Screw You, WordPress Bloggers!

Those of you who’ve been with me for a little while know that, although I link to it frequently, I don’t rely on The Daily Post for inspiration.  I have no shortage of inspiration in my own life about which to write.  I value The Daily Post and Community Pool for their ability to expose me to new & different blogs and, most importantly, to connect me with other Bloggers.

Not needing inspiration upon my return to my blog today after a week’s forced hiatus, I had to find out about the demise of those two cherished forums from my friend Martha Kennedy’s awesome blog, I’m a Writer, Yes, I Am! (how’s that shoulder hip doing, Martha?).

My immediate reaction was deep-burning, flame-colored rage.  How can the Auttomaticians retire such an indispensable tool for outreach and connection, exposure and collaboration, and why would they?  I take it as a gargantuan, fat, throbbing, burning middle finger thrust up in defiance of all who have come to depend upon it.  Were I younger and still as hotheaded and subject to blind rages as I used to be, such a subtraction would’ve been sufficient cause for me to quit blogging after sending a nasty, profanity-laden letter to the WP powers-that-be.

Fortunately, my temper has cooled considerably in my middle age, and even when fanned into extremity tends to cool rather rapidly.  Now I’m just freakin’ sad.  I’m not depressed, not down in the dumps, am not going to wander around aimlessly wringing my hands thinking “Woe is me!  Whatever am I to do?”  I won’t get lost in any wilderness of doubt, wondering what to write about.  Don’t y’all worry about l’il ol’ me, I’ll be just fine and dandy.

But I am worried about newer Bloggers trying to figure out what to do once they’ve made the leap of faith required to begin opening up to a larger community of writers, thinkers, and artists.  I’m worried about established Bloggers who yet remain timid about opening up and reaching out.  Without such reliable, structured, and most importantly consistent guidance as that formerly provided by The Daily Post and Community Pool, what resources do they have to help them get off the ground?  And how do they go about finding them?

What do y’all think?  Am I just overreacting?  What suggestions do you have for beginning bloggers now that The Daily Post and Community Pool are gone?

36 thoughts on “Anger, Sorrow

  1. Yeah…I’m sad too. I would write to the prompts because it’s fun to play with words and it allowed me to connect with other bloggers. I can get the first part anywhere…the second part is harder to come by…

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  2. I don’t need the prompts for inspiration, but they often opened up directions I wouldn’t have traveled such as Lamont and Dude who emerged from a daily prompt and have entertained the masses by the tens or maybe 20s! 😜 I write all the time and the daily prompt was something fun and without consequences OH well…

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  3. I agree it was a real concern for me. Dee Kelly at Thriving not Surviving and I are teaming together to do our own word prompts. I am going to do Wednesdays and Saturdays and Dee is doing all the other days. I think Dee has about 700 followers and I have 177, so our outreach isn’t going to be quite as good, but it’s something and the more people that share our word prompt posts the better it will be. It is still a huge shame though.

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  4. Am I the only one that did not know they closed the daily prompt and community pool? I have been quite busy myself and this is the first I have heard of it. I am deeply saddened by this news. I may not have always followed them or even posted on them, but when I did I enjoyed them a lot. Why would they choose to take away such a prominent part of the community? It baffles me.

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      1. I totally agree. I have read a few comments about others picking up the idea of a daily prompt or a community pool. However, I am unsure how that is going to play out or if it will be successful? I have to admit, I have even thought of adding another page to my own blog with a community section for people to ping back too. I would not know the first thing of how to run that though.

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      2. Hat’s off to anyone who tries to continue. Obviously WordPress is in the best position to serve as a magnet. I wish they’d hire a freelancer to post if their current staff doesn’t have the time.

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      1. Yes maybe…I never used it. But I’ve followed some people there (who posted their blog-links). I saw also that one blogger I follow is trying to make new kind of “community pool”, called simmers or something similar 🙂


  5. Wow, no joke, I just found the Daily Post a few days ago and was excited about it. Now I’m sad again. Also, just wanted to thank you for liking my post today via the Daily Prompt. 🙂 Best wishes!

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  6. No emotion is an over reaction; it is what we do with the feelings that arise from them that counts.

    I too feel for the WordPress community that utilizes these tools to connect to other bloggers. I am not as social here on WordPress, so it does not affect me as much, but I would miss your posts connected with them.

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    1. Thank you, Steven. Some of the bloggers I follow are going to try their hands at running daily prompts. I’m sure I’ll participate in those from time to time.

      It was never about the inspiration for me. I never once sat down and thought, “Gee, what can I write about today? Hmm, let’s see if the Daily Prompt give me any ideas!” No, I write what I want and link to the DP when I can reasonably fit the word of the day into my post. It was always about the exposure for me.


  7. I don’t think that you’re overreacting at all. As a new blogger I am concerned and confused. However, I’m posting on all the social media outlets to see if I can gain a wider audience but I loved the WordPress events.
    Going to miss them!

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